About Us

Dimensions Engineering Consultancy is a leading residential and commercial design firm based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Dimensions Engineering Consultancy has been formed to respond to our Clients for their all building & Villas related services. The firm started small and as time goes by, it started to gain trust and experience in the market and continued to grow. Today, Dimensions Engineering Consultancy is a group of professional engineers and architects offering a full range of designs and construction services including architecture, planning, Engineering, interior, Construction. Our clients design and construction/ facilities management are served through two divisions, One for architecture and engineering services and the other for interior and spatial design.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are proud to serve our valued customers. We come with accumulated experience, solid knowledge and a deep understanding of the needs and needs of our customers. We are committed to the implementation of our values, which guide us to the way we work with our customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Providing excellence in the fields of architecture, interior and exterior design, landscaping and decorating. Each customer is treated in a way that ensures the project is completed optimally, and the custom recommends that others benefit from our services.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Achieving customer desires in a high quality product at the lowest possible cost.


Architectural Design

Our architectural design division plays a vital role in a number of key areas, we are providing the high quality proposal to our value customers in Residential, Commercial or Interior field, Our architects are specially educated to help you define what you want to build, present options you might never considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment.


Planning is the framework from which present and future challenges are addressed in a thoughtful stakeholder driven process. The complexity of challenges requires a diversity of professional training and experience. Each assignment is directed by senior planning staff who has the resources of our entire organization available to them.

Interior Design

Interiors require expertise in Interior design aspects such as finishes and furniture, emergency systems, air conditioning, and acoustical partition construction. We are committed to the integration of interior design and architecture, with a staff that is evenly balanced in training and experience. We provide modern architecture to classical all in one platform as per client’s requirements.


Construction is engineering that requires commitment and solid mind to full fill the dream that’s is on drawings comes into the reality. We as a Construction division under the License of Domius Contracting & General Maintenance LLC. Provides you all facility that you required for construction. We have experienced team on site including civil engineers, site engineers, electrical engineers and all helpers & working staff available on site.

Our Portfolio

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